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The balance of mind, body, spirit and community surrounding your professional, personal and wellness goals is our primary focus. At Circle of Balance, we sincerely believe that the fulfillment of your workplace needs positively corresponds with your organization's overall success. We also believe that the autonomy to create and adjust a wellness program that respects individuality and uniqueness allows for greater restoration of the mind, body, spirit, and community. We trust you know yourself and your needs best and how to best integrate the fulfillment of those needs with your professional and personal goals.

The Circle of Balance site serves as a place to:

Our modulated activity plans are based on four areas for balance:

  1. Mind
    • Your inner-self including your thoughts, feelings, sensations. Includes activities such as identifying a life purpose or vision, meditating, creative endeavors, and life long learning.
  2. Body
    • Your physical body - both outer and inner-body. Includes activities such as sleeping, eating and nutrition, aerobic training and strength training.
  3. Spirit
    • Shared values between you and others. Includes activities such as attending religious services, yoga classes, meditation groups, therapeutic or support groups.
  4. Community
    • Your environment. Includes activities such as attending workplace wellness programs, career coaching, measuring health and wellness activities using Fitbit or a similar device.

By taking a self-guided survey and selecting activities you are doing currently or hope to do into your daily life, you will create a personalized plan to show you how balanced your activities are and where you may want to focus for improved quality of life.

Consistent with the Affordable Care Act's guideline that wellness programs be evidence-based, each of our suggested activity areas is supported by research. Additionally, by utilizing the Circle of Balance planning tool, you are actively contributing to further research that will help improve workplace wellness standards across the country.

To enhance its effectiveness, the website is guided by the published literature on individual and workplace wellness, Integral Theory , and Stages of Change.